Cypress Inheritance, LLC founded in 2012, is a private multi-media franchise located in Florida. Our philosophy is to maintain a company that has solid standards and is truly a family friendly brand.

The company is presenting the Cypress Inheritance Saga through a novel series, the first novel being available in the middle of 2018. The story has undergone several changes over the last five years, and is now ready to launch the first book in the series. Through this time, there have been other products explored, that these are in line with story elements. However, these have not been pushed to their potential and are currently being evaluated and redone to be at the level of quality they should be.

We are excited to bring the series to the readers and we hope you will thoroughly enjoy Cypress Inheritance.

Our mission as a company is to supply high-quality products that are family friendly and to provide unique and enjoyable experiences with each product. We also make it a point to provide solid and sincere customer service. Ultimately, we intend to maintain a solid foundation of integrity in our company and its products to the customers and to do our best to do that, which would be pleasing to God.