Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. If you can receive letters and parcels, we should be able to send mail to you.

How much will it cost to post to my country?

We charge a flat rate $7.00 USD fee for shipping outside the Continental U.S.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

After the official release date of Mid 2018, orders within the US will take 5-7 days to be delivered, and orders outside the US will take an estimated 2-3 weeks. Once your order ships, we’ll email you an estimated arrival date provided by the postal service, along with the tracking number. You can also login to your account to check your order status. If you didn’t create an account when ordering, you can still check your order status here.

Where are products shipped from?

All products are shipped out of Central Florida, USA.

What currencies are products listed in and which currencies do you accept?

All prices in our store are listed in US dollars. Exact exchange rates will be decided by your bank, or PayPal, at the time when you order.

We accept payments in all currencies accepted by major credit card companies and PayPal, in other words, most currencies.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

Credit Card

We process credit card payments securely through Stripe. Stripe is a very secure, high-tech payment processor for credit cards only.

For security reasons, we will never store your credit card details on our server. If you choose to save your credit card in your account, it will be stored securely by Stripe and we will only have access to charge your card for future orders (but not view your actual card details). Our default setting is to never save anyone’s credit card details.

This way of doing things helps to keep your credit card information safe and private.


We use PayPal to receive payments, because that lets us accept secure payments via credit card, bill, bank transfer and PayPal. PayPal is a market leader in safe online shopping.

You can select to pay by PayPal and then checkout with credit card through PayPal’s site.

Depending on what country you’re in, you can also get the bill sent to you (to pay later) and have us mail your items now by selecting the “PayPal Credit” option with PayPal.

Is it safe to buy online?

It’s safer than it’s ever been, because these days there are plenty of online stores, like Cypress Inheritance Saga, who are really serious about security.

For credit card payments, we deal with a reputable and secure credit card processor called Stripe. And we accept PayPal payments, where you can also pay securely using your credit card.

We accept PayPal payments, where you can also pay securely using your credit card.

Using the secure infrastructure of a professional payment provider is much safer than using something a small business dreams up on their own. And using PayPal also gives you the option to pay by bank transfer or ask for a bill to be mailed to you, if you’re more comfortable with that.

We take your security, and our own, very seriously. Because of that, your payment will be made over a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection and your payment details will never be stored on our servers.

Even if you choose to save your credit card with us for future purchases (which you definitely don’t have to do and which we don’t recommend you do at any store in general), it isn’t stored on our servers, but split into small pieces and stored across several of Stripe’s highly secure servers for maximum security. We only store a randomly generated number that we can only use later to tell Stripe to charge you for a future purchase at our shop. Even if someone steals that random number, which is very unlikely, they can’t do anything with it.

We use high quality, reputable web hosting for our sites, and pay a premium for it. Our servers have been hardened (made more secure) and we regularly test them for vulnerabilities. We have multiple layers of redundancy in place and we use multi-factor authentication (commonly known as 2FA) to secure any admin portal which is exposed to the web.

Always check that (at an absolute minimum) the address bar on any page that asks for your credit card starts with https (instead of just http – which isn’t secure). Never enter your credit card details into an unprofessional looking, homemade site and never send them to anyone by email or over the phone if you don’t have to. Instead, shop with a business like Cypress Inheritance LLC, who invests the time and money required to keep your private information safe.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes, we offer a 30 day return policy for orders placed, in the event of a defective item.

Note: We will not accept returns on customized, missing, or otherwise tampered with merchandise except in case of manufacturer defect. Returns must be sent via UPS, FedEx, or DHL for verified delivery. This will ensure a tracking number for a lost or delayed package in order to verify exchanges. Please contact customer service to have a return form emailed to you and a return service label.

We want you to feel confident that you can enjoy Cypress Inheritance Saga and shop at Cypress Inheritance LLC, without taking a risk.

Will I be charged customs and import taxes?

We recommend dutycalculator.com as the best way to quickly answer this question. If you need more information about where we’d ship a particular product from, then please feel free to contact us and ask.

Customs and import taxes differ from country to country and change regularly. Please use the online duty calculator or contact your local authorities to find out what the laws are in your country, because they’ll be more knowledgeable in this area than we are.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for a small business like ours to be an expert in the customs and tax laws in every jurisdiction around the world. There are just too many different rules and too many countries.

It is your responsibility to establish whether any additional taxes or charges will be imposed by your local government. If you’re unsure, please contact us and we’ll help you look into it.

Do your prices include taxes?

Currently we’re only required to charge tax on orders within the State of Florida. If you’re not in Florida, you won’t be charged tax at checkout, because you don’t need to pay it.
For orders within the State of Florida, sales tax will be included in the price.

Can I get free shipping?

We offer free shipping to purchases within the United States; we charge flat rates for shipping outside the Continental U.S.

What sort of shipping service do I get?

We always use UPS, DHL or FedEx services for shipping.

We may not choose the fastest available option (e.g. express), but your order will still arrive quickly and you can rest assured that the carriers we use are reliable. The exact service we use will change depending on your location. If it’s important to know which carrier we’ll use before ordering, please contact us (please let us know which country you’re in and what your zip/postal code is).

What can I do if there’s a problem with my purchase?

Our customers rarely have problems with our services and we do our best to keep it that way.

However, when you ship orders all around the world, a small number of them inevitably experience hiccups (which are often outside of our control). If something goes wrong, please contact us by email and let us know what happened. We’ll do our best to fix things for you as soon as possible.

If products have been damaged somehow in transit, we may ask for photos of the product, because we need them to claim against our insurance. We’ll replace any damaged product as soon as possible.

Please note that immediately issuing PayPal dispute (before contacting us) often results in a worse outcome for everyone involved. This is because initiating one of these processes ties our hands legally and slows things down. If you simply contact us directly, we’ll do our best to fix any problem and ship a replacement (usually within 24 hours) or arrange an exchange. Involving a third party like Visa or PayPal is unnecessary and time consuming – please don’t do this until you’ve talked to us first.

I’m looking to be a retailer for Cypress Inheritance Saga, do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for game stores that sell Cypress Inheritance LLC products. Please submit your retailer request and tell us a little about your store , and we’ll set you up with a wholesale account and/or send you a price list.

You can speed things up by creating an account in our store first and then submitting your retailer request to let us know more about you. Once we know who you are, we can enable your account for self-service wholesale orders.